Advanced Pole Dancing – Basic Invert

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness instructors Tina and Jenn, co-owners of Goddess Fitness demonstrate how to do advanced pole dancing inverts including the basic invert.

    Tina Moran: Hi! I am Tina from Goddess Fitness and today you will be learning advanced pole dancing inverts. In this segment, Jenn is going to teach you how to do a basic invert. The basic invert is the foundation move of all other advanced inverts we will be learning today.

    You will start with your inner arm bent in at 90 degree angle and your outside arm reaches over your head with your thumb up. This time you will kick the outside leg back and kick it in the upwards motion towards the pole and catch the pole with the outside leg. Once you catch the pole with that outside foot, you will use that hooked to pull your body straight. After you have achieved the invert, slowly lower your body to the floor. You have just learned how to do the basic invert. Next, we are going to take the fundamentals of the basic invert and apply them to learning how to the scorpion.