Advanced Pole Dancing – Fan Kick

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness instructors Tina and Jenn, co-owners of Goddess Fitness demonstrate how to do advanced pole dancing inverts including the fan kick.

    Tina Moran: Hi! I am Tina from Goddess Fitness. Today you will be learning advanced pole dancing inverts. In this segment, Jenn is going to teach you how to do a fan kick. The fan kick is a front pole dance move that gets you used to the feeling of kicking your weight in an upward motion, before attempting a basic invert. You start out with your inside arm bent in a 90 degree angle and your outside arm above your head with your thumb up. The inside leg closer to the pole will kick back, you will swing that leg straight up, and as your body lifts upwards, that inside leg is going to fan down towards the pole. Your outside leg, then follows the motion of the inside leg and fans down as well. You can give this a try on both sides to see which side you prefer for your inverts or to challenge yourself, and perfect the inverts using either sides. That is how we do a fan kick. Next, we are going to take the fundamentals of the fan kick and apply them to learning how to do a basic invert.