Advanced Pole Dancing – Inverted Thigh Hold

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness instructors Tina and Jenn, co-owners of Goddess Fitness demonstrate how to do advanced pole dancing inverts including the inverted thigh hold.

    Tina: Hi! I am Tina from Goddess Fitness and, today, you will be learning advance pole dancing inverts. In this segment, Jen is going to be teaching you the inverted thigh hold.

    Jen: To do the inverted thigh hold, we will start in the basic invert position. From here, you will release your back leg and lower it forward towards the ground; squeeze your legs together, and grip the pole. Once you have a secure grip with your legs release your arms and arch your back in to the inverted thigh hold position. To let yourself back down on the floor, bring your body back in to a basic invert position and lower slowly.

    Tina: You have just learned how to do the inverted thigh hold. Next, Jen will show you how to do the Gemini.