Advanced Pole Dancing – Scorpion Invert

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness instructors Tina and Jenn, co-owners of Goddess Fitness demonstrate how to do advanced pole dancing inverts including the scorpion invert.

    Tina Moran: Hi I am Tina from Goddess Fitness and today you will be learning advanced pole dancing inverts. In this segment, Jenn is going to show you how to do the scorpion. The scorpion uses the basic invert fundamentals and takes it a few steps further.

    You will start off going into a basic invert. From the basic invert position, you will slide your hands down slightly so that they are not in a way of your legs gripping the pole. Gripping tightly with your legs, release the inside arm completely so that you can move your shoulder to the front of the pole. Once you have that firm grip on the pole using that inside arm, move your other arm to the same position so that you are inverted facing the pole. Once you feel that you have secure grip on the pole with your legs, release your arms and arch your back into the scorpion invert.

    To lower yourself slowly to the floor, move your inside shoulder around the pole again and loosen the grip of your legs and that is how you do a scorpion invert. Next Jenn is going to show you how to do the Catapillar.