Advanced World of Warcraft-Mastering Professions

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    World of Warcraft expert Steve Haines discusses mastering Professions.

    Steve Haines: Hi! I am Steve Haines, World of Warcraft expert. Today, we are going to talk about Professions. In addition to your two main professions, Warcraft gives you several secondary professions which every character can learn. One of those professions is cooking, this allows you to make food that you cook from materials that you get when you kill, say, a bear then you have bear meat and you cook that bear meat with special species and it gives your character, let's say, extra strength or extra stamina depending on what kind of meat and species you are using.

    It's a very useful tool and you can actually make a pretty good amount of money. One of the big money maker profession is that was fishing. It is very boring to level up, but once you have got it leveled up and you are catching the big fish, you can sell those for a huge profits. If you are a Druid and you wear leather, you might consider going into leatherworking.

    So for example, I am a leatherworker and so I pickup my Talent or my Professions tab here. I just click on it and it will bring up my leatherworking. Now it shows me all of the different items I can make and I get to choose I have leatherworking bags, I have some cloth pieces cloak based that I can make and then all of the leather pieces that I can make. That's a pretty extensive list and you are never really going to get rich off of leatherworking but you can make yourself some very nice pieces which improve your game play experience.

    The one that will make you no money, but is pivotal for your game play experience is First Aid. Now First Aid, I have the bar for First Aid on my action bar, allows you to create bandages, they are used to heal yourself. So if you are not a healer, like in this case, this is my warrior, you are able to heal yourself by clicking on the bandage and clicking on yourself and this channels the magic effect of the bandages which then heal you for some of your damage.

    This is clutch for characters like this who, let's say, you are in an arena match or you have been fighting a group of monsters, you finally take them down and you are helpless, you're stranded and you're going to be attacked again soon. So you need to heal yourself up and there is nobody around to do it for you; you do it yourself with some bandages.

    So, that was a look at the Professions in the World of Warcraft. Next up, let's look at Player versus Player content.