Advanced World of Warcraft-MMO Etiquette

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    World of Warcraft expert Steve Haines discusses MMO etiquette.

    Steve Haines: Hi! This is Steve Haines, World of Warcraft expert. Today, let's a take look at World of Warcraft etiquette. As with any game played online, a major part of the game play experience is dictated by the people that you meet in the game. So I am going to offer you some common sense suggestions to make sure that when you do meet new people in game, you leave them with the best possible impression. Alright, the first tip, be polite. As simple it sounds, it really seems to hang up a lot of people. Hidden behind the fantasy of the game, it's easy to forget that there are real-life human beings behind the characters you see on the screen. So if a person asked a question and you don't have an answer or if you think they should know the answer, you don't have to speak up and belittle anybody. Treating players with disrespect simply for not having all the information that you have as childish, it's hypocritical since there is always more for all of us to learn. Tip two; when you meet new people, be on your best behavior. As a guild master, I can tell you how many guild applicants I get who want to join my small group of friends and just seem to be oblivious about how they actually talk to people. Think about what you are saying when you are talking to strangers and ask yourself, well is this the kind of language I would use on a job interview. I mean obviously this is a lot less important than seeking employment, but using derogatory language or any form of slur with the person you just never met is completely the wrong way to introduce yourself.

    Tip three, don't beg. There is nothing more annoying in game than having a character you have never met, walk up to your character and open a trade window followed by a whisper that just says gold. If you put in even the very least amount of work possible, you will have cash coming in just through quests. So just put in some time, leave other people alone and if you have a really compelling need for a small amount of cash and he want to run the risk of whispering somebody you don't know in game, just ask him if they have a minute to hear you out and if they say no, leave them alone. Alright, my fourth tip is be a good guildy that is a member of a guild. So if you join a guild, offer to help the other people in the guild as much as you can. Run instances, go farming for raw materials to make items that will help the guild's progression. Never beg for gold in guild chat, never beg for higher level of characters to run you through instances or to do quests for you to make it easier for you to level up. If your guild is focused on doing those things, they must find and wait for something like that to start up and then sign up and join with it but, simply be courteous with everyone around you and you will be invited more and more groups as you level up. Well those are just a few ways you can improve the gaming experience both for yourself and for those around you. So thanks for watching this guide to a more advanced World of Warcraft and I will see you in game.