Advanced World of Warcraft-Player vs Player Content

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    World of Warcraft expert Steve Haines discusses Player versus Player content.

    Steve Haines: Hey! I am Steve Haines, World of Warcraft expert. Today, we are going to take a look at Player versus Player content in the World of Warcraft. One of the other aspects of World of Warcraft is Player versus Player Combat. This is when instead of fighting against the computer, two players or more, depending on the circumstance, decide to get together and fight it out. In order to find a battleground, which is where a group of players get together to fight, you can talk to a town guard of whatever city you are in and look for the Battlemaster. So you can talk to the local city guard, find a Battlemaster and have them point you in the direction of where you need to go.

    Once they tell you, then you just head out in the direction on your mini map. Now once you are here, you can talk to them and sign yourself up for a battle ground which is a collection of between 15 and 40 players, depending on what battle ground you choose, and you get together to capture objectives in one, let's say, Capture the Flag contest, and another is it's about holding on to bases and accumulating resources. If battlegrounds aren't your scene then you can fight in the arena. The arena is where you and your friends get together and you will form small teams of two players, three players, or five players and then you fight against other player, control teams of two, three, and five in arena matches. You just talk to the arena Battlemaster here and sign up for an arena match and then it pitch you against a team of equivalent ranking. In that way the contests, at least as much as possible, come out fairly. If the arena doesn't suit you, there is the option of dueling. Dueling is when you choose as an individual to fight another individual player and you can do this pretty much anywhere in the world outside the major cities. And basically you can walk to within a few yards of a person, right click on their portrait and select the Duel option and once you do this, a challenge flag will be dropped and the person has to either accept the duel or reject the duel. If they accept, you get a three second countdown and once that countdown reaches zero, you guys are fighting and you have just whatever these sources are at your disposal to try that take down your opponent and in these fights, you don't end in death generally. You beat the person down to one health point and you win the match and they forfeit. So that was Player versus Player content. In next step, let's take a look at MMO etiquette.