Advanced World of Warcraft-Roles by Class

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    World of Warcraft expert Steve Haines discusses what roles each class plays.

    Steve Haines: Hi I am Steve Haines, World of Warcraft expert. Today we are going to be talking about what roles each class plays. Every character in World of Warcraft has to play a specific role. Now there are four different roles, which must be played by one of these classes. One of the most important roles is a Tank another role is a healer, followed by crowd control, and then DPS or Damage per Second. A Tank is a player who packs on as much stamina and armor as he can get, and he runs headlong into the bad guys, and he attacks them as quickly and as hard as he can, to make sure that those bad guys stay focused on him. The Healers job is to heal the damage that has taken by members of the group. So as the bad guys attack the Tank, or if the Tank loses a bad guy, and it runs to somebody else as they take damage, the Healer is responsible for casting magical spells on that player to restore the health that he lost from the attacks. Crowd Control is a function of many different classes. What crowd control means, is if you have a group of bad guys, let's say you are in a 5% instance, and you have five bad guys to attack. You don't want to just have everybody attack something different, because maybe some of your players don't have the kind of stamina to withhold or withstand the damage. So you need to focus all of your efforts on one target at a time. That's where crowd control comes in.

    Crowd Control is immobilizing or in other ways, passifying some of the mob, so you can focus on others. Some of the various kinds of crowd control for a a Rogue there is Sap. For a Warlock you can enslave demons. If you have a demon that you are going to fight. For Druids, if you are outside you have the entangling roots ability. For Mages there is polymorph for sheep, as it's more frequently called.

    For Priests, if you have undead that you are fighting, you have the ability called shackle. For Hunters you have the freezing trap. Now what this does is, it freezes the target in a block of ice. And again for Druids, if you are facing a group that has a beast in it, some sort of pet or animal, then Druids has the ability to put that animal to sleep. While a tank holds on to a target and generates as much threat on it and possible, the DPS class or Damage per second attacks the target, making sure not to cause more threat than the tank. The attacks by the DPS or Damage per Second classes reduce the health of the target that everyone is attacking, and that is how the kills are made.

    Okay, those are the rules played by each class, up next we are going to be talking about talents.