Advanced World of Warcraft-Talent System

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    World of Warcraft expert Steve Haines discusses the system of Talents.

    Steve Haines: Hi! I am Steve Haines, World of Warcraft expert. Today, we are going to be talking about the system of Talents. Alright, so from the time your character reaches level 10, they will start to accumulate, what are called, talent points.

    You spend those points at a trainer, in this case, I am at the Moonglade Druid trainer. I talk to him and I can unlearn the talents that I have already setup for my character at level 70, that can be a lot of talents. So, I am going to unlearn those talents to show you how to reset the talents for your character. So now everything that I have learned leveling up is completely gone and I have to reset those talent points.

    Now, I can press the N key on my keyboard or select the Talents option of my interface, right here. So, I click on that button and it brings up my talent points. There are three trees for every class. The Druid has the balance tree which is for Magic Spells that are cast from a distance.

    There is Feral Combat which is the shapeshifting, attacks melee range which are physical attacks that you do close up, Bear form attacks and Cat form attacks, the Druid is able to shapeshift into various forms that allow him to do damage or to take damage depending on what his spec is. Then there is a Restoration. Restoration is the healing class of a Druid, so a Druid is able to perform every task. So he is able to do a magic damage from a distance, melee damage upfront, tanking, which we'll discuss shortly, and restoration, which is healing. Those are the jobs that every class has to do one of and a Druid is able to do all of them, depending on how you allocate the points.

    So, to start off, we will take at a look at each individual talent. You see you start off the earliest ranks with Improved Mark of the Wild or a Furor which give you various different abilities. As you mouse over the abilities, it gives you a list of what those talents do for you. When you are at level 10, you will get your first point. So you get to put one point in. So, I will do Feral Combat, we put one point into disability and then it shows you what you'll get when you do the next point in that ability.

    As you level up every two levels, you get another talent point, up until you reach to level 60. So, every two levels, you add another talent point making your character slowly over the levels more and more powerful. So, every time you get those two levels, you add that next point. You start to throw the next points in and unfortunately it's a very long process as you are leveling up unless you are very good at it.

    My character, I am very fortunate to have had level 70 for a while, so it's easy for me to allocate these points all at once, so I can respec my character to do whatever job I wanted to do. This is the cornerstone of World of Warcraft. Every class that you play has three talent trees and it gives you a completely brand new way of approaching the game if you play certain classes like Druids, Paladins, Shaman. Another classes like Rogues or Hunters, their abilities are nuanced but generally, it doesn't change the outcome of your game play experience by changing the talent specs.

    So, that's how Talents work up. Next, we are going to looking at Professions.