Advantages of HypnoBirthing

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    HypnoBirthing Practitioner Stephanie Kraft explains the advantages of HypnoBirthing.

    Stefanie Kraft: Hi! I am Stefanie Kraft and I am a HypnoBirthing Practitioner. I am talking about having a baby using the HypnoBirthing method. Right now, I am explaining the advantages of HypnoBirthing.

    This method helps empower women to birth the way nature intended. It helps them remove their fears and helps to develop their trust in birth. By removing the fear, it also removes the obstacles that normally would get in the way of labor's progress. Therefore, it makes most HypnoBirthing labors much faster than the average.

    It also illuminates fatigue during labor because the woman is not expending large amounts of energy and fear or stress. Because her breathing is deep, it reduces the risk of oxygen deprivation to the baby. Deep breathing also helps the uterine muscles to function more efficiently. HypnoBirthing reduces the risk of tearing because the moms do not push. It's the uterine muscles that are working to push the baby out. A woman in a coma can have a baby because it's literally the uterine muscles that work to push the baby out. So the mom just relaxes into that pushing using deep breathing and uses her breathe to encourage the baby out. HypnoBirthing also reduces the need for medical interventions, pain medication, epidurals, inductions and C-Sections. HypnoBirthing mothers have fewer pre-term and low birth rate babies. HypnoBirthing classes are also a wonderful prenatal bonding experience for mother, father and baby.

    So those are the advantages of HypnoBirthing. Next, I am going to talk about HypnoBirthing classes.