African American Hair Care Tips

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Nioxin stylist Diane Stevens provides tips on how to care for African American hair.

    Female Speaker: How is it going? What's going on with your hair?

    Female Speaker: After years of relaxer treatments, it's just like my hair broken and really, really dry. And I just feel like I need some stylist's advise to get back on track to healthier hair.

    Female Speaker: Okay. First of all, you do have great hair. But, I do understand, one of the keys to keeping your hair very healthy is going to be moisturization, to make sure the hair stay moisturized so that they don't break. Some of the don'ts; we don't want to do a lot of tight braiding, not a lot of pulling, not even twisting very tight because it can cause breakage, and damage. Also, when using a flat iron because I see where we want our hair very smooth, you need a protective spray there as well.

    Female Speaker: So, you're saying there is a product that works for my hair that's not going to damage it.

    Female Speaker: Absolutely! So, let me tell you where to start. We'll start with shampooing. We will do two to three shampoos, and then towel dry your hair, just blot the ends, and then I want you to pull on a deep condition mask from root to end leaving on for five minutes, rinse thoroughly, and then just from the ends up detangle with a very wide tooth comb. Now, if you want your hair to be a little fuller, I recommend this product. What you're going to do is you're going to work it towards the root and comb it through the end.

    Female Speaker: Well, I feel like I've used products like this before and they normally smell bad and make my hair really, really oily.

    Female Speaker: Well, you need to smell this. You're going to be pleasantly surprised.

    Female Speaker: That actually smells really good. Maybe I will give it a try.

    Female Speaker: You want to give it a try now?

    Female Speaker: Yeah. That's why I am here.

    Female Speaker: Okay. Let's get started.