After Workout Recovery Tips

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Amy McGorry from Prevention Magazine provides the top tips and techniques for an after workout recovery.

    Amy McGorry: When it comes to exercise you can have too much of a good thing. Your body needs regular brace to recover, repair and restore. Recovery time varies but there are few ways to tweak your post workout regimen to help speed it up.

    First, incorporate massage into your routine. Sore muscles are a common side-effect of working out and they can deter you from sticking to your routine. One of the best ways to speed recovery for overworked muscles is a post-workout massage. It feels great and a recent study revealed that women who received a 10 minutes leg massage after running sprints were almost 50% less stiff afterwards. They also exercised harder during their next workout session. Try an at Home Self Massager to relieve tension unravel knots and rejuvenate muscles. An added bonus, massage therapy has been shown to boost endorphin and serotonin levels, the body's natural pain killers and mood regulators. There were also ways to eat and drink your later recovery. Studies have shown that people who consume blueberries post workout boost their 24 hour recovery rates by roughly 300%. The berry's natural compounds lower level of disease causing a muscle repair blocking free radicals in the blood, drinking cherry juice is also a very powerful remedy. It has been proven to lower rates of muscle damage, inflammation and stress after a grueling workout. Experts recommend drinking 4 to 6 ounces following an intense exercise Try these tip after your next workout to speed recovery.