Aging Parent Care-Taking Action and Where to Seek Help

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Mary Alexander with Home Instead Senior Care discusses how to recognize the signs of aging and need for care for your parents. In this video she discusses aging parent care-taking action and where to seek help.

    Aging Parent CareTaking Action and Where to Seek HelpMary Alexander: Hi! I am Mary Alexander from Home Instead Senior Care and today I am discussing how to recognize the signs of aging and need for care for your parents. Now, I want to talk about how to take action and where you can seek help.

    So, now that youve completed your assessment of science that your senior loved one might need some help, its time to take action. The first step to ensure your parents well-being is to share your concerns. Talk to your loved one openly and honestly. Think about whether including others who care about your loved one in the conversation will help.

    You might even want to have prepared notes or list of concerns with you. The list can help you stay focused and let your loved one know that you are truly concerned. And leaving the list behind may also give your senior the motivation they need to get the appropriate help.

    Next, encourage a medical check-up. If you noticed a lot of physical warning signs, such as weight loss or depressed mood, encourage your loved one to schedule a doctor visit. Depending on the situation you might offer to make the call yourself or accompany them to the doctor. Its also important for you to ask about follow up visits and any medications or therapies that might have been prescribed.

    Perhaps, the sign youve found for more about safety issues. Addressing these involves a two pronged approach. First, pointing out the safety issues and then second, making a plan to address them. The changes needed could be as simple as, installing better lighting or moving rugs or other potential hazards.

    You may need to consider installing a grab bar in the bathroom to prevent falls or handrail on the outside steps. If your senior is not capable of driving anymore, is having trouble taking care of personal grooming, or cant get to the store, you should consider home care services. These wonderful people do everything from cleaning the house, preparing meals, to running aerons, and assisting with daily activities such as bathing and dressing.

    Another community service you may consider is Meals on Wheels. They offer assistance with providing regular, nutritious meals. Speaking of community services, the local agency or council on aging in your seniors hometown can be a great resource for help and information.

    Many offer both assessment services and assistance with signing up needed care. In the end, if your senior loved one dismisses your concerns, dont get discouraged, the step you just may need to take is to contact their doctor for guidance. Always remember to remind your loved one that youre acting out of concern and love and that youre just trying to help them remain as independent as possible. Doing so can help them maintain their health for years to come.