Air Guitar Acrobatics

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This video will show how to play air guitar and how to do acrobatics.

    Tim Granlund: I am Tim the 'Six String General' Granlund and I am showing you how to air guitar. Alright, next step we are going to talk about the acrobatics and this is what sets apart the men from the boys. This is your chance to get totally wild, and crazy and over the top and just put that exclamation point in your performance and just knock people's faces and just totally rock their minds. So you can just start, when you are performing and there are just somethings like beat in the song maybe, or there is some great moment where the big hit starts. Maybe you start with something just basic, you do kick like that, yeah maybe you want to show up your dexterity a little bit, get the spread eagle thing going. You can use two legs, you go up and go bang -- like that, alright, pretty crazy. But now you really want to show off, start working some spins in there, okay. Let's say you are going, you are going, the song is coming to it's big conclusion and you want to end up on the stage for the big finish. You do up, you spin around, boom, on to the knees, you rock out, finish up on the knees. You are so exhausted and you can't even get up any more and the song is done. You rocked too hard, that's it, so now you have got, you got that. Now the other thing you want to keep in mind is look around you. Look at the surrounding of the stage. Think it is like a playground, this is your chance to just use your surroundings, use everything around you. This is how you can really differentiate yourself. Anybody can just jump where they are. But here, you have got speakers here. So you want to climb up on the speaker there, alright. Maybe get up here, give a jump always to the crowd, get them going, get them to cheer you on, get them to make you want to just take that leap a fake. Right I hear them, they got me going, then I am going to leap, boom -- there you are, you are going, but keep in mind, you got to be little careful, or break your neck or something. Now if you did that maybe because you were just rocking, so freak and hard. You also works some rolls and maybe you want to burst out your ninja moves, your flips, your hand springs. Of course it's a grand daddy of all the acrobatic moves you could ever do, the infamous stage dive. Don't have a crowd here right now, so I can't show this to you but you got to see adoring fans out there, don't be afraid to just point to them, telling you are coming, get ready, run and take that leap. Go off, they will catch you, you will ride on the wave, you will rock and just to live in the glory and they will put you back on the stage, to give a triumphant finish. Of course, make sure they catch you people, although maybe if they don't catch you, you have an extra credit. Okay, so that's just a brief overview of the acrobatics, you can work into your routine. Next step we are going to talk about song selection.