Air Guitar Performance Flair

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This video will show how to play air guitar and discusses performance flair.

    Tim Granlund: I am Tim the 'Six String General' Granlund and I am showing you how to air guitar. Now we are going to talk about flair and how to really spice up your performance and take advantage of the fact that you are playing the air guitar and therefore we are going to craze you a little more wild of it, to turn it into what truly is an air guitar performance.

    Now first of all when you are starting out your performance, spice it up. I have Rhody come on, bring on your air guitar, put it on you. Maybe they can tune your air guitar for you. They could grab the cord, you might want to plug yourself in there. Alright, that's guitar. You want to check the levels here, check the tuning, so it sounds just right.

    Okay, now you have got, maybe you want to turn on your ams. You got your air ams. You want to make sure people can hear you. Go ahead put those on, rewind up, to 11 of course. Before I show you the basic movements for playing your air guitar, you are strumming down here. You are picking off those notes and you are altering the notes up here.

    Don't just lock yourself into doing it that one way, there is ten different ways you can hit these strings. Play it behind your head. You go under the leg like that. Maybe you want to add some good dramatic gestures. So you are going to want to do big windmill, Pete Townshend style. Don't be afraid to rip off the classics. Pete Townshend, Slash all those guys, any favorite ex-God of yours. Check them out, see what they do. How do they own that audience. Use those things that you can own your audience, play to them and play with your teeth, something people like that get up there and play with tongue and in the air.

    You want to move around little bit okay. You want to play to the audience over here. You want to play to the audience here. Get them involved. They are going to be, who makes or breaks your performance. You want your adoring fans, I mean, let's remember, sex, drugs and rock and roll. First part is sex. Play to the ladies or ladies play to the man. Now I have to go and get down there. Maybe you need to get a closer look, you are going to get down on one knee. Get down on two knees, lean back come on. Get into it.

    Now you can bust up the teeth again. Come on people. Get inventive, get crazy. Do whatever you can think off. People like to maybe toss the guitar up and then catch it and switch the side, play left handed, play right hand, left, right. Put your hands around. Play from the top. Play from the bottom. Use your head, use your creativity. Do whatever you can think of. That's kind of what makes the air guitar beautiful. It's the chance for you to just get crazy and just do whatever nutty stunt you can think off and rock out and just put on a wild and crazy show.

    Okay, so that's some of the flair you can use when you air guitaring and just kind of spice it up and make it crazy and make it your own performance. It's just the tip of the iceberg, so remember to just kind of take that. That's just a little bit to get you started. Run with it.

    Next step we are going to talk about acrobatics. Jumping around and making your performance truly sky high.