Air Guitar Song Selection

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This video will show how to play air guitar and select songs.

    Tim Granlund: I am Tim, the 'Six String General' Granlund and I am showing you how to air guitar. Alright, now we are going to talk about song selection. Now first of all, sometimes you can't select your songs. Sometimes you walk in to the grocery store, you are driving in your car and you just hear this awesome bad ass song and you just totally love and you can't help yourself. You just got to start air guitaring and that's totally fine.

    Sometimes you put it on a show, whether it's competition or just you had karaoke and you want to bust out some air guitar there. Now what you want to remember is when you are picking your song, don't just think of yourself, think of everybody around, right. Think of the crowd, think of the audience. What are they going to like. What's going to get their heart raise and what's going to get them their heads bobbing up and down. Most of the times, it's going to be some killer rock song.

    Now when you are doing air guitar, it's obviously a bit of a ridiculous practice as this. So you kind of want to have a ridiculous song to go with it. Heavy metal and all those Glam rock bands of the 80s, those are perfect candidates. Things like Poison and Skid Row, those kinds of guys, these guys were blessed. The Scorpions, used them too. Another thing you want to remember is obviously you want to make sure, you have got some good guitar solos, things you can really take a minute to show off and show off your true air guitar virtuosity. You just want to make sure that your song can tell a story.

    Now when you are in a competition you have got 60 seconds. You are going to edit that song down. So you want to make sure that you use those 60 seconds as best as possible. You can do medley of songs or you can do just one song. But you want just kind of tell a story. So you want to be able to kind of start off something a little bit small, that's going to signal people head, this is the song about the play. Oh yeah! they hear the scores of it. I love this song that's coming up. I can't wait for my face to get noted. You want to build it up and you want to maybe -- a good idea is kind of to go and get the audience build up and let's pull it back for a second. Pull it back, it's going on and then boom, smash in at the end, with just some killer finish. You know the final solo and it's the going -- and of course you know there is different genres in music and different styles too and it depends on the occasion. First of all you have got your hard rock songs. So you are probably going to want something that's like, just really, just crazy and rocking hard against good crunchy guitars. Okay now sometimes maybe to it's a more delicate occasion, you are missing your lady. You want to pick something little gentler, a little softer. You are going to bust out your air acoustic guitar, so let me grab that one, alright. We have to do something like this. There you know. That is your softer side and maybe even you want to switch it up on people, you are going to start with something a little softer like that and say wait a minute. No, this is air guitar, it's time to rock and then you just stop it and then boom wake up the craziness again. You are playing up hard rocking songs. So those are somethings you can pick up when you are picking your song. But most importantly you are going to make sure that you like it and it's something that you can totally get into and rock out with. So that's song selection, in next step we are going to talk about the fun part, the costumes.