Air Guitar Wardrobe and Costumes

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This video will show how to play air guitar and discusses wardrobe and costumes.

    Tim Granlund: I am Tim, the 'Six String General' Granlund and I am showing you how to Air Guitar. Now we are going to talk about costumes. Now of course, remember you are playing an instrument that isn't there. You are playing the Air Guitar. It's pretty ridiculous thing. You want to make sure that you know you got the outfit to match. There are a lot of different ways to pick out your costume.

    You are also going to have to pick out a name to go with it. You got to have your stage name. Different categories of costumes, different kind of styles you can go. You can just go with your basic kind of rocker outfit. Some cool rocking T-shirt, some leather pants and just rock that out. Show off you are a rock purist. If you want to take it little bit crazier, a little wilder, alright, you want to get in some sort of party mode and just play up the comedy side of what you are doing, so get out if it's like that.

    There is the ever popular spandex, if you want to go total 80 style. Show off your fantastic legs and your tight buttocks but make sure to keep the proper things accentuated and use key props, such as foil-wrapped cucumbers. Of course, maybe that's a little too ridiculous for you and you want to go with something a little more dignified. Keep in mind, the nice you could ever wear to an Air Guitar competition is your denim short shorts. Then of course, you can glam things up and just play up the showbiz aspect of this, go for a glam rock look like what I am wearing.

    You can take something that already exists and then just sort of jazz it up. I work with military, you can do some jewels and make some sparkly shiny things on it, sparkly is good. Of course you can accentuate it with crazy belt buckles that just look bad ass and tough and make you look like the craziest rocker ever and of course you want to make sure you get some cool graphics on there, to just really spice things up. You can see the model I like to use on the back there. The neon Pink Gibson Flying V. So, I like to just show people what it is that I am rocking their faces off with.

    So that's a little bit about costumes and how you can enhance your performance with your outfits and next up, we are going to talk about what it's all about, the competitions.