Airbone Computer Virus

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Researchers at the University of Liverpool demonstrated how a computer virus could indeed be spread through WiFi, although previously it had been assumed that it could not.

    A team of researcher from the University of Liverpool demonstrated how WIFI networks could be used to make a computer virus contagious through the air, moving through densely populated areas as effectively as the common cold.  They created a virus called Chameleon, which they tested out in a lab setting to see how it spread across WIFI networks.  The virus not only spread quickly through homes and businesses but it was able to avoid detection and identify WiFi access points not protected by encryption or passwords.  Chameleon collected and reported credentials of all other WIFI users who connected to it.  It had been previously assumed that it wasn’t possible to develop a virus to spread through WiFI...guess most people were wrong.