Airbrush Clean Up & Maintenance Tips

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Artist Tony Moore demonstrates how to clean up and maintain your airbrush.

    Tony Moore: Hi, I am Tony Moore with Fraser Street Publications. Today we are showing you how to use an airbrush. In this segment, we'll be showing you clean up and maintenance tips on your airbrush. First, simply pour water into your cup. Then press down and pull back on your trigger and continue to do this until your spray is completely clear. We are almost there. That should do it. One of the other things that you want to do is make sure that the needle in your airbrush is clean otherwise you'll get splatter when you try to spray. Unscrew the nozzle tip on your airbrush and take a paper towel and simply, gently wipe the edge of the needle, but be careful not to bend it.

    That's it. I am Tony Moore. Thanks for watching and have fun.