Alaska Cod Fish Taco Tips

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Learn tips from the pros on how to make a delicious fish taco with Alaska cod.

    Female Speaker: Today we are working with this gorgeous Alaska Cod. Alaska Cod is of a very mild white fish. I love to marinate it because it makes the flavor really pop. Its a very versatile fish.

    I am going to take my cod, which is perfectly seasoned, and I am going to just set it on top there and let it start to grill a little bit.

    So while thats cooking I am going to heat up my tortillas. When you buy tortillas in the store they might be just the tiniest bit dry, and what I do, I have got a trick for you for that.

    What I do is I just dip them in water like that, just a quick little dip and then onto a nice hot pancake griddle or a comal or just a dry nonstick panel work. The water evaporates and the corn starts to just get toasty and delicious.

    So this gorgeous cod is ready to go. I am going to line each tortillas with a little lettuce leaves so that the juiciness of the Salsa and the fish don't make that tortilla soggy. This is a trick I learned down in the Yucatan also which is really nice.

    Oh, look at that, and the marinate makes it that beautiful shade and flavor. Oh my gosh! You can eat these all day.

    You simply cant go wrong when a fish comes out of a place like this and the flavors are locked in, it is absolutely perfect.

    So we have our fish on top of our tortillas and lettuce and then we are going to just put a little guacamole along with a little Salsa Fresco and a tiny chisel of olive oil.

    Now those are some good fish tacos.