Alaska Pollock Lunch Ideas

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Sodexo Chef Desmond Fannin demonstrates ideas for lunch recipes that kids will love using Alaska Pollock.

    Desmond Fannin: Hello! I am Chef Desmond Fannin with Sodexo. And I am going to show you how easy it is to create a variety of simple and delicious lunch items using wild, natural and sustainable Alaska Pollock. Alaska Pollock is not the fish steaks you remember from school lunch when you were a kid, its a mild white fish with a fresh flavor that comes from the pure, pristine waters of the last frontier. It's the prefect fish for adding any number of sauces, slaws or toppings to create lunch items kids will enjoy again and again. Any good on trend lunch item needs to have certain components to make it a healthy meal. First is a grain carrier, like buns, tortillas, noodles, or rice. Next is the protein like these Alaska Pollock products. Of course there is more than these available, but these nuggets, steaks, and un-breaded portions are a great start. For vegetables toppings you can use a variety of slaws and salsas, like the ones we have here, Mexican slaw, black bean and corn salsa and pineapple roasted vegetables. And lastly the sauces are key to bring in that bold flavor that todays kids are craving. Items like Chipotle ranch, barbecue, sweet chilli, or zesty orange sauces. Any of these items can be mixed and matched to create sea food lunches kids will love. So let's create a few now. We all know kids love tacos. So we are going to start with the healthier protein of Alaska Pollock to create a tasty new item. For demonstration purposes, I am going to use the Alaska Pollock nuggets as my protein. But any of the other products will work here as well. Start with two corn tortillas, add three one ounce cooked Alaska Pollock nuggets, topped with two table spoons of Mexican slaw and two table spoons of Salsa. Place these on a basket and you create an amazing lunch. Here is another mix and match idea using the nuggets, a zesty orange Alaska Pollock rice bowl. Start with one cup cooked brown rice and three one ounce cooked Alaska Pollock nuggets, top with half a cut pineapple roasted vegetables and drizzle two ounces zesty orange sauce. Enjoy mixing and matching with Alaska Pollock.

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