All About 3D Printers

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Laura Hubbard with Consumer Electronics explains what a 3D printer is and how it can be used by consumers.

    Laura Hubbard: Hi! I am Laura Hubbard with the Consumer Electronics Association and today we are taking a closer look at technology that has a potential to change the world; 3D printing.

    A 3D printer is whats known as an Additive Manufacturing Device, creating three-dimensional objects from digital files through successive layers of selected materials.

    A simpler way to explain it, think of making a sandwich or cheese burger, adding layer after layer to the bottom slice of the bread until it is complete.

    3D printers essentially do the same thing, using multiple layers of selected materials such as plastic, metal, or even chocolate. As for what you can do with a 3D printer, the possibility seem unless; from printing prosthetics into a persons unique biomechanics, to designing your own earrings at home.

    According to CEA research, consumers that own 3D printers use them most often to create household items such as jewelry, decoration, cell phone cases and even kitchenware you cant find anywhere else.

    For those who own 3D printers, 76% say they use their printers either daily or several times a week.

    Getting interested! You dont have to buy a 3D printer to try one out. Most 3D printing manufacturers offer 3D printing services where they design and print your requested items for you. You can also check out your local library, tech shop, or retail store to request 3D printing services.

    What you print today probably wont resemble but you can print in a few years. Remember the way MP3s changed the music industry, 3D printers could also have a transformative effect, new inputs, new features, and lower prices will make them more exciting for in-home use.

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