All About Shih Tzus

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Learn the basics of the shih tzu dog breed and find out if it’s the right pet for your family.

    Female Speaker: The Shih-Tzu, a member of the AKC toy group is an ancient breed with roots dating back to 1600 A.

    D. Their primary purpose has always been to be companions to people and they're happy disposition reflect that to this day.

    Shih-Tzus are great all-around breeds, they can live in any sized home and get along well with other pets. They can be equally happy living in a home with a single person as they can be living with a big family. They are great dogs for the elderly or for first-time dog owners as they are well behaved, easy to train and don't require much exercise.

    In fact, Shih-Tzus are true lapdogs. A simple walk around the block and some romping time in the yard or at the park are enough to meet their daily exercise requirements.

    They stand on average a mere 10 inches tall and weigh from 9 to 16 pounds. Their long thick coat comes in all colors and patterns and needs to be brushed daily and groomed regularly to prevent tangles and mats.

    Most owners get around this by choosing a short puppy cut. Their size, temperament and cute as a button face makes the Shih Tzu an excellent companion for almost anyone.