Almond Stuffed Figs with Raspberry Sauce

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Amy Riolo shares her recipe for almond stuffed figs, a simple and healthy dessert.

    Amy Riolo: Figs are delicious treats anytime of year. Ounce per ounce they contain more nutrients than any other fruit. My almond-stuffed figs with raspberry puree is a great finale to any meal and it's even diabetes friendly.

    To begin, what we will do is cut off the top of our fresh figs and make an incision at the top, just a cross is fine. You can see when you do the cross, you can open up the fig and it shows that beautiful flower like center.

    Then just stuff it with the whole almond so we get even more nutrients and it tastes great too. So now that I finished stuffing my last fig, I can go ahead and start making my raspberry puree.

    You just start with frozen raspberries or with fresh raspberries whatever you have. I am going to put these right into my blender. This is just one fig. Then I am going to go ahead and puree it. You could see how easy that was and now I will just transfer it. I have a bowl with a strainer on it here, because what I want to do is strain away the seeds from the puree.

    So I am just going to stir with my spoon, help to push the puree through and leave the seeds behind. Then I am going to stir in my confection and sugar and once you get it to be really nice thick velvety sauce and you don't see any white of the sugar, this is exactly what you want.

    Then I am just going to drizzle this right on the top. You could also put it on the bottom of the plate. So there we have our almond stuffed figs with raspberry sauce. Remember that fresh figs make a great finale to any meal. Enjoy!