Amazing Cider Health Benefits

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Rick, a NY State apple grower, discusses the health benefits of apple cider.

    Rick: Greetings! New York apple grower Rick at the farm market today, where we look at all the ways you can enjoy apple cider, plus all the healthy benefits. You're probably use to buying apple cider in stores and at farm markets in a variety of containers. Quarts, half gallons and gallons even single served bottles, but at some farm markets you can get it bottled fresh or even fresher right from the tab.

    Anyway you choose apple cider delivers impressive health benefits similar to the advantages of eating an apple.

    Linda Quinn: Take it from as a registered dietitian apple cider is an important edition to your healthy diet. Its fat free and it 8 ounce serving is only 120 calories. You'll also get beneficial nutrients including riboflavin, carotene, vitamin B-6, folic acid and vitamin C.

    University of California study found that drinking only 12 ounces of apple cider a day can reduce your risk of heart disease. Cornell University research demonstrated that the anti oxidants in apples can inhibit the growth of certain types of cancer cells. So take your pick of all the great ways to enjoy apple cider and drink up the healthy delicious benefits.