Amazing Heath Ledger Joker Makeup

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Makeup expert Roger Riggle shows how to apply makeup to look like the Joker as portrayed by Heath Ledger.

    Roger Bennett Riggle: My name is Roger Bennett Riggle and I am a professional, licensed makeup artist. Today we are creating a scarred joker from Batman. We need the cotton pads and astringent to white down the face. And here is the molding wax and don't forget that it comes in light and dark colors depending on your skin tone. With the molding wax we use either very dull kitchen knife or a makeup artist spatula.

    We have got colors here and joker is basically in white. This is clone white, this is a cream based makeup. Also we are going to sink in the eyes and make them rather black or dark gray. And in that case I have picked out a dark gray and a black color liner in a cream to use. And we are going to make the mouth red. Vanessa and I sculpted some pieces that we are going to put on the side of the mouth and we are also going to use liquid latex which is the liquid rubber, you'll also need a non-latex sponge. The makeup remover or the baby oil, don't forget -- is the product that we use to mold the wax and keep it from sticking to us. I'll start with the left side, this is going to look like part of her lip and I am going just to circle it quickly with a white pencil, so that we know where it goes. And then we will switch to this one which goes on the right side.

    Now we go to the spirit gum and I am going to paint in the spirit gum in the area where I want the molded wax to go. And I am going to take another quick dip and do the other side. We take our cotton ball and we pull it in half, so that we expose the fibers. Take one of your fingers and tap into sprit gum. And you take your cotton fibers and you'll see the cotton it sticks to the spirit gum and I quickly want to get this piece on here and I'll give it a couple of taps to hold it into place while I switch to the other side. And I might even take my palette knife and I'll start to mash the edges on to the skin and I want to blend this right into the lip, so that you can't really see it stop or start.

    What I am going to do is to stretch her skin like this, create some liquid latex splotches in here. Now we can use the liquid latex right over the molding wax. Now at this time point I am going to take the powder puff, I am going to put a layer of powder over it. I dip the hydro sponge in the water and bring out almost all the water, roll your hydro sponge in the white makeup and we are going to white in basically her whole face.

    So at this point we are going to start to paint in some detail. This is a dark gray so it won't be so black. Now we will do the other eye, see these brush strokes I am doing on the nose it will make it look a little distressed by pulling in through here, to pop the eyes a little bit I am going to take just a touch of white and I am going to paint in the eye lid. I'll wipe all the makeup off the brush. And now I am going to dip in this deep orangey red color and I am going to be painting the mouth. And I don't want the mouth to be very pretty, I wanted to be irregular and deformed. I am going to take a brush just touch some of this powdered gray eye shadow into some of my texture areas, so it's to keep this face from looking like it's totally white. And actually I think we done a good job with disguising her face as scarred joker.