America’s Best Luxury Vacations

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    US News Travel rank the top luxury vacation destinations in the US.

    Julie Epstein: Have you ever wanted to pamper yourself with an extravagant vacation? Well, if it's opulence you want, here are pics for the most luxurious vacation destinations in the US.

    San Francisco makes our list with its nearly endless menu of activities to indulge your every whim. This beautiful city has a diverse and delectable food scene and a cosmopolitan night life that invites visitors to experience a free spirited evening out. Come to San Fran with an eye for edgy art, a taste for imaginative cuisine and a zeal for adventure.

    If you are looking for something even more extravagant, New York City steps up the lavishness with its high-end entertainment, uber hip shopping locales and tantalizing eateries.

    Culture hounds will flock to the huge collection of museums and Broadway always dazzles with stunning theatrical displays. Hotels here are among the most expensive in the country, so people appear to spend a pretty petty.

    For the ultimate sumptuous vacation, the Hawaiian Islands easily top our list. From Maui's exclusive resorts to Oahu's secluded beaches to Kauai's spectacular golf courses, everyone will find something they love.

    Elite restaurants serve up both Hawaiian and international dishes and five star resorts offer rejuvenating spa services. Plus, there are endless opportunities for adventure seekers in the lush forests and blue waters. To see more of America's best US luxury destinations, check out the complete listing at travel.