America’s Most Relaxing Destinations

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    US News Travel rank their most relaxing vacation destinations in the US.

    Julie Epstein: Vacations maybe synonymous with relaxation. But not every destination is ideal for leaving you rested and rejuvenated. We have ranked the vacation destinations that are short to soothe your soul, and leave you with a new outlook on life. Stressed out travelers will find Mainland Hawaii just as breathtaking as neighboring islands. But with the perks of smaller crowds and cheaper rates than the more islands of Oahu or Maui. Whether you soak in the splendor of Hawaii's renowned hiking spots or spend a leisurely day at the beach, this island offers a unique tropical respite. In the U.

    S. Virgin Islands, St. Thomas provides a plenty of a relaxing solitude. You can spend your day sipping rum on white beaches or be mesmerized in St. John, a one of a kind under water national park. Shoppers can take a leisurely stroll through the high-end shops along main street, while history junkies can soak in Saint Croix's rich past. Yellowstone National Park proves that you don't need to recline to relax. From the scenic geysers to free roaming wildlife, this national treasure presents stunning scenery at every turn. Yellowstone offers the kind of peaceful tranquility that will leave the batteries of practically any visitor fully recharged. To learn other inside tips on the America's best relaxing getaways, check out the complete article online at travel.