Anti Aging Skin Care

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Amy McGorry with Prevention Magazine discusses great products that prevent aging.

    Amy McGory: Looking your absolute best is a matter of taking good care of yourself and giving a small boost of the natural features that already make you beautiful. Adding a few simple tweaks to your normal routine can help you look more youthful and feel at your best.

    First, ditch cakey concealer. Concealer can be your best friend when it comes to blemishes and dark under eye circles. The problem comes when women use a product that's too tacky and heavy for the delicate skin under the eye. Look for new make-up formulas like CC creams, that not only can seal your under eye imperfections but also, color correct and even add skin over time.

    Second, beef up your brows. Brows begin to show their age by thinning, becoming coarse and unruly or turning grey. Our brains associate thick well groomed eyebrows with youthfulness while thin and light brows can add years onto any face, making your features disappear.

    Use a brow powder or pencil to fill in sparse spots and lengthen your tails, since this is the part of the brow that sets off the arch and makes eyes look more youthful. Third, banish brown spots. Study show that brown spots and hyper pigmentation make you look older. So taking a few minutes to cleanse before bed will ensure a fresh face look for years to come.

    To improve imperfections, dull patches and discoloration, use a microdermabrasion system on clean damp skin before bed. The handheld device helps to resurface skin's outer layer by lifting off a thin layer of old skin cells, fading splotches, reducing fine lines and boosting skin radiance for a brighter more youthful looking face.

    Those are just a few simple ways to keep yourself looking as young on the outside as you feel on the inside.