Apple Cider History And Industry Facts

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Rick, a NY State apple grower, discusses the history behind the apple cider industry.

    Rick: Hi! I am Rick, a New York State apple grower. Today let's talk about the history of apple cider and the cider industry. Like apple, apple cider has a rich history fill with facts and possible myths.

    In 55 BC Roman invaders found the local villagers and Kent England drinking a cider like beverage made from apples, it said that Julius Caesar found the apple cider positively delicious.

    By the start of the ninth century cider had become popular through out Europe. The production of cider has been an important of part of American agriculture for over 200 years; it began when the Pilgrims arrived on the East cost and discover the native crab apples were abundant, but not very edible.

    To grow better apples they had seeds and cuttings sent from England. A Massachusetts man named John Chapman spread the apple seed across the entire country, you know him better as Johnny Appleseed. From there apples and cider began flourishing in America and George Washington made sure that apple cider was available for his troops during the revolutionary war.

    The wealth of a town was sometime measured in the number of barrels of cider preserved in local sellers for the winter. Even President John Adams praised it as a fine breakfast drink.

    In early America apple cider was often consumed as much as water due to iffy water supplies.

    Cider was known as Americas drink up until the Civil War and today New York has more cider producers than any other state with over 200 cider mills. Now that you know all that your truly and apple insider.