Apply a French Manicure Tip

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Owner of the Nail Studio and Day Spa, Lucy Yilmaz provides an overview of how to apply the French Manicure including how to apply the base coat and then French white tip.

    Lucy Yilmaz: Hi, my name is Lucy Yilmaz. I am the owner of the Nail Studio and Day Spa, Reston, Virginia. Now we are going to apply the base coat and then French white tips and clean it up and finish up the French manicure. First of all, we will put the white paper towel on it because we need it to clean up to her white French. When you apply the French manicure and you need the brush like this to make it nice, even French manicure. Also we need a little cup like this and we put the acetone in it and this is the acetone. First we are applying the base coat only to the tip of her nail, the free edge.

    These coats can be changed, it depends on their nail and then this lady have a very natural, smooth nail and her nail is little ridgy, I will have to put the ridge filler on it to give this nice, smooth French manicure. Now we have finished her base coat, I am going to dry her nail for a few minutes. Now we are going to put the white on it and I dont want white nail polish to get bubble, so I rolled the polish and run them inside of my hand, instead of shaking it.

    When you shake the bottle, it makes it bubble, so it's rolling is much better. Now I am applying the white French. You dont have to be careful. You just have to just put it on. Now every time white is a little bit thicker, it takes longer time to dry it. I just want to make sure her whites are drying between my coat. Now we are going to put the second coat. When we put the second coat that is very important to -- when you apply this and you have to go over to edge, so your nail polish does not chip faster.

    It will last for a long time. Now we are going to start cleaning up her French and I am dipping my brush into the acetone just very lightly touched on the edge and go immediately over her nail to clean it up. It gives me nice, even French. Remember in the beginning and I said you would just need to have when the -- nailed only the free edge. You do not need to put all of it on your nail because that is what we need to use the acetone, we are going to remove it anyway, but you still have a base coat underneath the white.

    You can make the polishes thinner and thicker, the white according to clients, what they would like. Some people go with the thicker white, some people go with a thinner white. Now we are going to go back to base coat again, apply the base coat on whole of her nail, from the cuticle to the nail tip area and I am sealing it again. I am going to dry it again. Now we are finished putting the finish the base coat.

    Now we have to let it dry for a little bit for applying this polish on. Now we are applying a very light OPI nail polish on it. I applied only one coat of the polish because I do not want to white get so thick and it is going to take longer time to dry it. So the one coat is just perfect enough and if you are wearing lighter color, you can go two coat on it. That is up to a person whatever they like it.

    Now we are going to start putting the top coat on it. Now how do you need to take care of your French manicure and make sure before you leave this along and just make sure everything is dry completely before you touch your purse or you touch your keys or get into car, so you are completely dry. So if it is completely dry, it will be able to last you a long time, I hope you enjoyed watching the video and I will show you how to give yourself a French manicure or your friends and I hope it will be helpful for you.