Apply Makeup Everyday for Mature Skin Types

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Make-up artist Aisha Alves demonstrates how to apply makeup everyday for mature skin types.

    Aisha Alves

    Aisha is a professional makeup artist and skincare specialist in Washington, DC who, over the past 10 years, has gained a reputation of one of the area’s leading beauty experts. Working with professional lines such as Trish McEvoy, Bobbi Brown, Shu Uemura, Stila, and Smashbox, she not only has mastered the techniques of various schools of beauty, but also has extensive knowledge about the wide variety of products on the market today. Beginning with her training in New York City with celebrity Makeup Artist Trish McEvoy, Aisha’s experience has helped her develop a signature Beauty Philosophy that has made her one of the most sought-after makeup artists in the region, “You don’t need to wear a lot of makeup to look polished. Instead, focus on key ways to bring out the best in your features. Beauty is not about covering up what you think is wrong, it's about celebrating your individual style and feeling great!" In 2005, she teamed up with fellow makeup gurus, Giannina Giraldo and Harmony Williams to found Picture Perfect Makeup, a company offering services in everything from Bridal Beauty to Makeup Lessons in the DC area.

    Ayesha: Hi! I am Aisha with Picture Perfect Makeup and we are here today, to teach you some of our professional cosmetics tricks that you can do at home. Now that we have talked about how to smooth out mature skin, let's talk about a great easy makeup look that you can do everyday to keep looking fresh and youthful. What you are going to use is an illuminating powder, something with a little bit of shimmer in it that is going to help the skin glow, some cream eye shadow, cream blush, and lip liner and gloss. Now you might notice all of the products that I am using have a little a bit of shine or glow to them and this is key when you are working with mature skin because it is going to reflect the light and make the skin look really bright and really fresh. So, let's get started. What we are going is first is use our illuminating powder. Take your brush, swirl it around and just use it to set your makeup. As we have set earlier, setting your makeup with powder is important because it is going to help your makeup stay on longer, but since we want her skin to stay nice and glowy we won't use the conventional powder we will use something with a little of glow to it. Just so, really like dusting all over, enough all you need.

    Next, we are going to talk about her eyes. Now, she naturally has pretty full brows and she is lucky that they have a great shape. So, I am going to leave them as they are, but what we are going to do is use a little of cream shadow, I am going to just use my fingers, so we can get a nice nature blend. Start from the bottom of the lid down towards the eyelash and blend up toward the brow, so you have a nice even makeup coverage on the whole the eye area. This is important because it is going to reflect light and give you a nice bright look on your eyes. To get a little bit more definition on the eyes, we are going to use a brush and a little bit of shadow. Now, something to remember, when you are working with mature skin types, your best pat is to go with a matt shadow. Matte is always going to a little bit more natural looking and smoother whereas shimmer can sometimes accentuate the look of fine lines. So, we are going to use a nice matte too. I am applying this just to the outer corner of her eye so she can get a little bit of lift, and then blending it out. Rose tones are great because they are always going to look a little bit softer and they work with anything you wear. So, now that we have done the shadow, I am going to do a little bit of eyeliner. Now, we don't want her eyeliner to be really stark looking, so we are going to use again a brush and a little bit of powder. For her look, I am going to go with an off-black because a black can be a little bit harsh, but brown is a little too soft so something in the middle works great. What you are going to do is close your eye and use a tiny brush to apply the shadow into her lash line. Now, once she opens her eye you will feel what I mean. What this is going to do is give her eye some definition and it is going to make her lashes look thicker without seeing a hard line. See how that looks. It's really easy. Our final step is to use a little bit of mascara. Mascara is going to be a great tool to just give a finished look to the eye. It is going to make the lashes pop and open the eyes a little bit more. I am using black so we get a little bit more contrast, but at home you can always a black-brown or even a burgundy. Now that we have got her eyes done, you always want to make sure that you use a great creamy color on the cheek. Creamy color is going to be great. Number one, because as mature skin tends to be a little bit dryer, the creaminess will stay on longer and look a little bit dewy. So, you can smile and apply the color right on the apples of the cheeks using short feathery strokes. A lot of people feel intimidated by cream blush because they think it is hard to work with, but the only thing you have to remember is that it's cream if you get too much on you can always blend it out and that is the beauty of it see and also you don't see the makeup sitting on your skin and so have a really pretty natural blush look.

    To finish off, we are going to do a natural lip that she can wear everyday. With the mature skin type, something that a lot of women are concerned about is lack of fullness in the lips, so great way take care of that is to use a lip liner and a glossy lip gloss. We are going to use the lip liner to just emphasize her natural lip contours. Now you want to make sure that you stay true to your natural lip shape. There are some people who think that you need to over compensate for petite lip shapes and that ends up looking really unnatural. So, you want to stay within the natural contours of your lips. Next, take a gloss that has a little bit of shimmer or effect of reflective quality and apply it right on top. Now like I said earlier anything that has shimmer or highlight is going to lift and emphasize, so this is going to give the lips a little bit of a fuller illusion. And that's the great everyday look for her; soft, defined eyes, glowing cheeks, and full pouty lips. So, that's it.

    Hopefully you have learned something today. Now you can take these ideas at home and remember have fun and with the right tools, you yourself can be your own professional makeup expert. See you next time.