Applying a Fake Latex Tear Wound

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional Special Effects Makeup Artist Jesse Lechok shows how to apply a fake latex tear wound.

    Jesse Lechok: My name is Jesse Lechok, we are here at the Tom Savini's School of Special Effects and today we are going over tear wounds, basic wounds, and this is my assistant Rudy. We are going to be using liquid latex, this is thus made by alcohol and it's just your basic latex and you can probably get something like this at a Halloween shop or makeup store.

    So, we just going start by putting a base on and you just want to stipple it on the lightly with a basic makeup's sponge which I've torn to get the stipple effect. Then we are going to do a layer and then you can blow dry that or you can let it air dry. So the latex will take a probably 3 or 5 minutes to dry and we just let that dry and then we move on our step.

    Now that the first layer dry we are going to go ahead and continue apply latex and just build up more layers over the top and then we are going to let that dry. We'll continue this process for about three or four layers. As you're building up these layers, some people have sensitive skin, Rudy doesn't, but let's just pretend he did and you are going to be actually you pulling this latex and try to peel it away to create an open sore or open wound on the skin. So if you're running this on someone who has sensitive skin, get some K-Y Jelly. Then you just take a little bit of it and apply it in between the layers and you will have to build up a couple more layers of latex on top of that. But it's going to create a barrier, so that when you are peeling the stuff away, you're not pinching their skin or making them uncomfortable, which is very important.

    So now we're going to build it up or we will add a couple of layers and do some more blow drying and we'll be ready to tear this top off. Now we are just going to move on to the tearing. Basically, you want to work up this latex very carefully, very gently, take great care not to cause any discomfort from your subject.

    Jesse Lechok: How does that feel, Rudy? Are you uncomfortable?

    Rudy: No, I am barely feeling it.

    Jesse Lechok: You can work it off with the end of the paint brush and just your fingers. You can tear this all way off so that kind of cool leave it dangling a little bit. Too much it just looks ridiculous. Funny with latex, you don't like cut it with scissors or anything, because it looks very obvious. It's looks like you've cut it with scissors. So it's best to tear it away in little pieces.

    So that's the end of this portion of our demonstration and we'll be moving onto the next step which is adding gel blood and color matching.