Applying the Skim Coat and Sanding the Drywall

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Home Improvement Expert Eric Johnson demonstrates applying the skim coat and sanding the drywall.

    Eric Johnson: Hi! I am Eric with Johnson Drywall. Today, we are showing you how to install a drywall. We have already done our block coat, we have let that dry overnight. So now we are going to show you how to do the skim coat which is pretty much just like the block coat. You use the same knife and just spread over the flat again and just wipe the edges down, farther the edges down good and wipe down the middle. Once you have done your flats, you want to do the other side of your angle. On the up and down angle, that you have blocked the one side already, its dried, then you are going to do the ceiling thing, the same part the other side of the angle on the ceiling, you will spread the mud on that and farther the edges down.

    Then you will put your third coat on your corner bead. You will spread the mud just like you do in your block coat and your tape coat. Then you will put your third coat on your nails and your screws. Then you are done.

    Now that we have finished our skim coat, I am going to let it dry it overnight. Its time to do your sanding. You want to get a sanding pole from your local hardware store and sanding sponges. You want to use a 100-120 grit papers good and you just want to brush the joints down when you have mud it, nice and easy, just want to brush the edges down. When we have done our corner beads, you want to brush the edges down there too nice and firmly on it, just dont sand it all the mud off that you applied. When you get to sand your angles and your nails that you have spot on your screws, you want to use a sanding sponge to just sand on the edge too like that, just lightly brush it down and you are ready to paint.

    If there is any problems or imperfections after you paint it, you can touch them up with a little bit of drywall mud and spot sander to the point up. Hopefully, all these tips will make drywall a lot easier for you.

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