Applying the Tape and Block Coat to the Drywall

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Home Improvement Expert Eric Johnson demonstrates applying the tape and block coat to drywall.

    Eric Johnson: Hi! I am Eric with Johnson Drywall. Today, we are showing you how to install a drywall. In this segment, we are going to show you how to put the tape and the mud on the joints in the corner bead. This is my technician Adam, he will show you how its done.

    You will want to spread the mud with a 6 inch knife across the joint and you will want to fill it up the recess. There is a recess there, you want to fill it up with mud. Then you will put the paper tape over top of the joint. Then you want to wipe it down firmly, do not want to leave a bunch of mud on it. You want to wipe the edges down tight and push firmly on the tape, when you are wiping it off.

    After you do the flat part, you want to do your angles. Then you will fold the corner of the tapes as a crease in the middle which will fall right over the corner and put that and wipe it down tightly too. Once you get that all taped, you want to block in your corner beads. That will be spreading mud on the corner bead, you want to wipe that down tight too. You dont want to leave an edge. So when you spread your mud on, just wipe it down firmly. That will fill up the recess.

    Then you want to spot your nails with one coat on your screws and your nails, you will wipe down one coat and wipe that down very tight. You do not want to leave an edge.

    Now that we have finished our tape coat, we are going to go into the block coat. We are going to show you how to spread the mud over the tape. When you start to block coats, you want to put your 10 inch knife on the joint that you taped and let it dry. You are going to see there is a recess.

    All you want to do with the block coat is fill in the recess. You will scoop the mud out with your pan and spread it across the joint where you taped and just wipe it down, wipe at both edges, top and the bottom edge smooth. You do not want to leave a big edge. Then you will press down the middle to just fill in that recess, its in the drywall.

    Once you have done that, you will go to your angles. You want to run your angle with a 4 inch knife and you will do the same thing. You will spread the mud over top of the one side of the angle and to wipe further the edge down, take off the edge. Then you will wait to do the other side, once you go to your skim coat. So you have just run one side of the angle at a time and you will put another coat of mud on your nails, you will spot the nails and screws one more time again. So thats your block coat. Now that our block coat is finished and dried, we are going to go into show you how to do the skim coat.

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