Applying Toner to Hair

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Hair stylist Anissa King demonstrates how to apply toner to ethnic hair.

    Benisa King: Hi, I am Benisa king and we are doing coloring and highlighting and conditioning of ethnic care. We are now at the part where we want to apply our toner, but before we do that we must rinse the conditioner that has been applied to the customer s hair. Her conditioner will set on for about five minute, just to help, let retain some of the moisture that is in her hair naturally. Only one keep the hair conditioned as much as possible till it has been through like a double process. Rinse it about two or three minutes here just to get removed all of the conditioner out. We are going to towel dry the hair before we apply the toner. It is okay for the hair to be semi-wet or dampened, but you don t want it dripping because it isn t permanent color, it will run. So, you take your towel and towel dry the client just a little bit, using your toner and your brush, just start in the back where you started your first highlights and brush the toner on. You just want to get your toner on the complete strand of hair that has been pre-lightened. Starting from the root up, you want to make sure you get all highlighted strands and you let your toner set on for about let s say seven and ten minutes, setting your timer at all times just so you can be sure of your timing. Open this up and allow it to oxidize just a little bit into your process. And our next step would be the styling of the hair after the toner has processed.