Applying Zombie Prosthetics – Mouth

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Makeup Artist Christopher Patrick demonstrates applying zombie prosthetics to the mouth.

    Christopher Patrick: Hi! I am Christopher Patrick, special effects artist and we are here at the Tom Savini Special Effects School creating a horrible flesh eating zombie. Our model today is Nick Kartos. He is going to be our zombie and my assistant is Ryan Budney and we are going to start now by applying zombie prosthetics.

    Earlier in our videos, we made some horrible zombie teeth, some scary, scary zombie teeth. We are going to start by attaching those to his face so it will be on the outside. But to make this effect really work, we are going to have to get rid of his real teeth and his lips. So we are going to black-out his teeth and black-out his lips with makeup. So to black out his teeth, we are going to start by drying his teeth. And we are going to black-out his teeth with a Mehron Tooth effect. It comes in all different colors but we are going to use black today to make sure that we don't see his actual teeth once the zombie teeth are applied. And you just brush this on the teeth just like nail-polish. And then you can have your model suck air through their teeth to help dry this real fast. It takes just a few seconds to dry, probably about 10 seconds to dry. It tastes like Anbesol, so be aware of that, it has a sort of a mediciney flavor.

    Okay, so now we have blackened out Nick's teeth and we are now going to black out his lips using a little black make-up from our Ben Nye Glue Kit and a latex sponge. Remember, whenever you are using cream based make-ups, you want to use one of these latex cosmetic wedges. So really, no concern about being neat during this part, just go ahead and get the area of the lips blacked out for hiding of the teeth. Our next step, once this is on, is we are going to powder this with the Ben Nye Neutral Set Powder and a powder puff and that's just going to keep the black make-up from coming off.

    Great! After you remove the excess powder, like Ryan just did, a lot of times I will take a damp sponge and just tap over and makes the color come back to full effect. Alright! So our next step is we are going to add some prosthetic adhesive or Pros-Aide and we are going to do that with a Q-tip. This is a medical grade adhesive. So be sure to have a remover for it and we are basically just going to go right over the top of his lips. This stuff looks like glue, it will dry clear and it's going to hold our zombie palette in place. So what I am going to do also is I am going to put the adhesive on the back of the gums of the teeth. You want to use this like contact cement. You want to get it on both surfaces, let it dry part way and get tacky and then for the best seal, you will apply the glue to the glue and that way you will get a really firm hold that will hold up for the whole evening.

    Right! So I am going to let this get a little bit tacky. And you can already see on his face that it's dry and clear. I am going to start by applying the top denture first because it is going to be the most important in the placement and now we are just going to take that surface and go glue to glue. We are going to hold this in place. And there is upper plate of teeth. We are now going to line up the lower plate of teeth. You want to make sure you have a nice tight bond but we are going to build some lips on top of this which is going to help hide the edges and it will also help in having a more secure bond. But already it's in place; Nick can move his mouth and open his horrible zombie teeth. So that's your first step and now we are going to start adding some prosthetics to give his face a more dead look.