Appraising Huffer Antique Style

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Found a great antique or collectible, but don’t know its age? This video helps you narrow down that number by providing you tips on how to use the materials the items is made out of, production methods, and its general condition of your treasure to solve the mystery.

    Palmer Pekarek: Hello! I am Palmer Pekarek from rubylane.

    com. Today we are talking about collectables and antiques and how to authenticate them. We are going to use the unique materials in this huffer (ph) and its general condition to help us determine its age.

    First, let's see how this huffer (ph) was created. Carved in walnut, this brass tacked leather fireplace handle bellows has a brass nozzle. Its chamber has a deeply carved rose decoration in the relief and figural handles in the form of intertwined serpents. We can see that it is 19 Century. However, there are no maker's marks. It measures 30 and three-fourths inches long, by eight and three-fourths inches across the chamber portion. So we know that this piece was created in the late 19 Century when fireplaces increased in size as did the rooms they heated.

    To determine the age, origin, and value of this hand bellows, an expert appraiser is going to have to be used. Hopefully these tips on how to authenticate your antique or collectable by the use of unique materials and general condition have helped you to determine the value of your item.