Appraising the Cobalt Fiesta Carafe Antique Style

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This video uses the elements of style – shape, color, and size, to help you determine the authenticity and value of antiques and/or collectibles.  Knowing what to look for can make collecting a bit easier, fun and profitable.

    Palmer Pekarek: Hello! I am Palmer Pekarek from rubylane.

    com. Today we are taking about antiques and collectables and how to authenticate them.

    It can be done by several different methods, but looking at the color, shape, and size of an item can help you determine its authenticity.

    Let's take this collectable, Cobalt Fiesta Kraft, as an example of how to use the style of an item to determine its authenticity. One of the most distinctive pieces in the Fiesta line, no other pottery form is similar, all of the Fiesta pieces display art deco influence, as this one does.

    This particular form was discontinued in 1946 and never reissued. That together with the incised mark guarantees that it's genuine old Fiesta.

    Piece that are marked Fiesta on the bottom are done either as incised marks, as on this piece, or ink stamped marks. Hopefully that helps you use the style of an item to determine your antique and collectables' value.