Aquarium Encounters of a Different Kind

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    In Marathon, Fl, Aquarium Encounters, gives you the rare opportunity of interacting directly with all the different species found in the Florida Keys.

    Ben Daughtry: The Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters is a aquarium but it's an interactive aquarium where you get the opportunity to go in and encounter all the different species that we gave in the Florida keys and it's really a unique Marine opportunity where you get the ability to touch, feel, feed, any of the species that we have here. Our most immersive experience is the coral reef and encounter and that can done either snorkeling or diving, you get into the water and you have an opportunity to feed all of your tank made friends and when you have the opportunity to feed sharks, moray eels, goliath groupers, big jacks and big snappers, just incredible predatory fish that are fed through acrylic holes and in a very safe environment.

    Doug Boring: That was really cool, you know I spent a lot of time in the ocean and I was really craving of scuba diving to open this vacation, but I didn't chance to do that. So it was really cool to kind of get in here and feed sharks and you get to feed rays, you know you swim around bunch of fish. And I mean it gives you a whole new perspective on a world day, you know it doesn't get to be seen regularly.

    Ben Daughtry: The stingray encounter is an opportunity for you to get in to a tank full of stingrays, it's approximately waist deep and you have the stingrays actually come to you and you really get stingrays to come right up in to your lap and feed right out for your hands. Everyone of our stingrays are debarbed so that the fully safe to interact with and the barbs on the stingray are just like your and my finger nails that grow back every few months and we have to clip them off but that's something that our staff does to make sure that we have a fully safe experience. We operate in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary and the ecosystems associated from the mangrove habitat and you are going to walkthrough all way to the coral reef that you can get this view through our tank and the concept and the idea of making sure that we are good stewards of our environment is really what's most important and what we're trying to teach the young people and old who visit us here.