Are mini-strokes a serious health threat?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dr. Nina Solenski, Stroke Neurologist at the University of Virginia Health System, describes the different kinds of strokes including if mini-strokes a serious health threat.

    Host:Are mini-strokes a serious health threat?

    Dr. Nina Solenski: They are a big concern because we know that they are warning signs and many patients unfortunately don't even have that warning sign. So to experience it and do well, in other words we cannot have any signs or symptoms of strokes, they all go away, is actually a very important warning and it's actually a good thing if it is acted upon. And by acting upon I mean again if it occurs I will call 911 and go straight to the emergency room or have the emergency services bring you there. We know now that there is a high incidence in the first two weeks after a mini-stroke of actually having the stroke. Up to 20% of patients will have that. The other term that we use for this is Transient Ischemic attack and they are synonymous with mini-stroke and TIAs.