Are there any “how to” books recommended for writing a book?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Publisher James Frey discusses ‘how to’ books that are recommended for writing a book.

    Host: Are there any 'How-to' books that you recommend?

    James Frey: Probably, one of the best books written is a book titled, 'Is There a Book Inside You?' and it is co-authored by Dan Poynter and Mindy Bingham. A second book that you could take a look it acquiring would be 'Discovering the Writer Within' and the author's name is Bruce Ballenger. A third book if you are a genre is in the creative, non-fiction, short story type arena that you might want to consider is 'Writing Without the Muse: 50 Beginning Exercises for the Creative Writer' and the person who wrote that book is named Beth Baruch Joselow.

    For fiction and short stories there is another book that you could consider acquiring called 'Writing in General and the Short Story in Particular' and the author of that book is Rust Hills and lastly, if you are writing a fictional novel there is a book called 'Writing the Novel: from Plot to Print' and the author of that book is Lawrence Block. All of these books could be available at a local library or certainly, they are available on internet sites such as, www.barnes& or can be special ordered at book stores in your neighborhood.