Are there different types of depression?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Assistant Professor of Psychiatry Dr. Kim Penberthy lists some common types of depression.

    Host: Are there different types of depression?

    Dr. Kim Penberthy: Yes, there are. Psychologists and Psychiatrist classify depression in a couple of different ways. The two most common are something called a Major Depressive Disorder which is a severe depression that can be almost incapacitating to people or you may not be able to work or function. You are very sad; you have feelings of guilt and hopelessness. Sometimes, people with major depression even have suicidal thoughts or ideation. There is also something called Dysthymia which is also called Dysthymic disorder which is a kind of depression that's a little less severe, but it is chronic. It typically lasts two years or longer. We also know that some women have depression after they deliver a baby called Post Partum Depression. There are depressions that happen seasonally, they are called Seasonal Affective Disorder which is depression that might occur more frequently in the winter months when it's darker and there is less light. So those are the some of the more common kinds of depression.