Are there more life factors that make me more susceptible to catching a cold?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Ronald Turner, MD of the University of Virginia explains factors that can make you more susceptible to catching a cold.

    Dr. Ronald Turner

    Ronald Turner, MD, is Professor of Pediatrics and Associate Dean for Clinical Research at the University of Virginia School of Medicine. Dr. Turner earned his MD degree from Southern Illinois University and did his training in Pediatrics and Pediatric Infectious Diseases at Columbus Children’s Hospital (Ohio State University) and the University of Virginia. He subsequently served in faculty positions at the University of Utah and the Medical University of South Carolina. In addition to his administrative role at the University of Virginia, Dr. Turner has clinical care and teaching responsibilities in General Pediatrics and Pediatric Infectious Diseases. His research interests are directed at the pathogenesis and treatment of viral respiratory infections.

    Host: Are there more life factors that make me more susceptible to catching a cold?

    Ronald Turner: I don t think there is anything that you can control that is going to have an impact on whether or not you catch a cold. We do know that there seems to be some association between various personality traits and susceptibility to cold. So, for instance there is an investigator in Pittsburg who has described that individuals who have an introverted personality tend to have more symptoms associated with colds than other individuals do.

    Similarly, individuals who have what he calls a negative, emotional style that is, I suppose for the person who thinks the glass is always half full, if you will. You know that you always things as not quite as good as they could be. Those people tend to have more cold. So, there are some connections between personality traits and colds, not so much lifestyle or behavioral traits.