Are there other ways than volunteering?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Animal welfare expert Lesa Miller discusses opportunities to get involved in pet emergency preparedness.

    Host: Are there other ways than volunteering?

    Lesa Miller: Well, you can help us very, very much by having donating money toward the -- making a financial donations toward our program the Pet Emergency Preparedness Plan is going to require money as to many things in order to purchase emergency supply trailer, something that we can mobilize and take to co-sheltering sites and something that will be full of supplies that are ready to go before the animals are going to be housed there. So financial donations are a wonderful way to help us out. Also, just helping us to publicize the fact that and to help launch an educational campaigns to educate people how important it is to plan ahead, how to plan ahead, why and just educating school children, educating the public at large that this is something that we need to do.