Are there rules involved in the eight eithical power techniques?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Communications expert Sean McArdle discusses how to negotiate including the rules involved in the eight Ethical Power Techniques.

    Host: Are there rules involved in the eight Ethical Power Techniques?

    Sean McArdle: There are rules involved, for instance, I would tell somebody never ever to enter into a negotiation by giving out false information. For instance, you might say, Your price is too high but you never say, My company can not afford your price. Ethically speaking, it does two bad things for you if you were to do that. It says, My company is in trouble financially and that takes a way some of your power. It also says to other side that if they want to deal they are going to have to go low because you can not afford what they are asking. So, always tell the truth in a negotiation. I would say, you never want to use any of these types of power in a way that would hurt the other side, but only to enhance your position and getting what it is you want.