Are there “traps” women fall into when it comes to sex?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Relationship expert Gloria MacDonald discusses dating and sex, including what traps women fall into when it comes to sex.

    Host: Are there traps women fall into when it comes to sex?

    Gloria Macdonald: There are traps women fall into when it comes to sex and it really comes from us expecting men to be like us and the first trap is what we call the perfect date trap. So, imagine this, you meet a man for the first time, maybe you have met him through online dating or speed dating or you have been introduced through friends or a dating service and this is just an incredible evening. You have a great dinner, there really seems to be a connection there, you are flirting with him, he is flirting with you, it is romantic, there is candlelight, he has picked a great bottle of wine, everything is going really, really well, this is an intelligent, successful professional man and afterwards you go back to his place and the conversation goes on and you end up staying the night and you have sex and the next morning he says he will call you. You go home and you think this is wonderful and this is the beginning of a lifelong relationship and then you never hear from the man again. Women tend to say, "What a scumbag, jerk, creep. He said he was going to call and he did not.

    " We have to look at it from the man's point of view. This was a whole, complete, wonderful evening with a great person, it was romantic, we had fun, it ended in sex, what could be better and then he thought about it and he decided there just really was not enough there for a long term committed relationship. So, he did not go any further. It is simple. Men are simple, we are complicated.