Are there ways that you can develop a passion, if it doesn’t exist?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Business expert David Krauskopf discusses the ways you can develop a passion if it doesn’t exist.

    Host: Are there ways that you can develop a passion, if it doesn't exist?

    David Krauskopf: You can develop a passion if you are unsure if you have it or not and I think it takes a little bit of a systematic process and some research, in order to figure that out. So what's you need to do is choose a subject matter or couple of subject matters of interest and you need to go out and talk to people who are involved in that, that area or that industry.

    I have three great examples of this. People who I know personally, who went to industry events or association events that are related to these specific businesses. One was for Roller Rink Operators, another one was for the Summer Camp or Kids Camping Industry, which I learned is a very big business and the third is for Trailer Park Owners and businesses around the subject of running trailer park, but in each case these people that I know who went to this events were able to talk to owners and people who are actively involved in these things and determined that hey yeah, I can get excitement and passion for this business.

    So, if you get a chance to do this type of thing or you can just go out and talk to business owners. Business owners in general are more than happy to share their knowledge and information about their subject matter and they actually like to do it. So go ahead and just pick up the phone, do a little research and that will help you out tremendously to determine, can you have a passion for this subject matter and also you will get more questions and answers now what it's like to run or own the businesses well. So you can sort of answer both your passion and questions at the same time.