Are You One Of 3 Million Plagued With Celiac Disease?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Celiac awareness expert Alice Bast discusses what Celiac Disease is, the symptoms and ways to treat it.

    Alice Bast: One in every 100 Americans has celiac disease, an auto-immune digestive disorder triggered by the protein gluten found in wheat and barley and rye. Cases of celiac have increased fourfold since the 1950s, yet most people have never even heard of it. Common systems of celiac include gastrointestinal distress, anemia and migraine headaches because symptoms of celiac disease often mimic those associated with other conditions, the disease is frequently misdiagnosed. The risks of living with undiagnosed celiac disease are great. The undiagnosed live at a fourfold increased risk of death and are in danger of developing serious health complications. The good news is that celiac disease is easily treated through a 100% gluten-free diet, no expensive pills or procedures necessary. So what exactly can gluten-free dieters eat? A diet filled with a variety of naturally gluten-free foods like fruits, vegetables and lean meats is strongly recommended. There are also a variety of grains and starch alternatives that are naturally gluten-free such as potatoes, rice and yams. It's critically important that both health care professionals and the general public be able to identify the signs and symptoms of celiac disease so that the undiagnosed living among us can get help restore their health and reclaim their life.