Arm Exercises – Cable Bicep Curls

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness expert John Basedow demonstrates how to do cable bicep curls.

    John Basedow: Hi, I am John Basedow and now that we have finished with the triceps training, we are going to switch our focus over to biceps, one of my favorite muscle groups to train and since we are already over here at the cable and the ropes, we are going to stick with that and we are going to do the Cable Biceps Curls exercise.

    This time we use the low pulley as you notice and we are going to curl the cable up using the rope and then lower it back down. Curl up and down. Keeping your hands at your sides, your feet about shoulder width apart. Not changing your back position. Not using your back to use momentum to raise the weights. You want to keep the focus and the tension at all times on the bicep muscle. It's what help you get those rounded, well-defined, canon ball shaped biceps. After this, we are going to go on to the Seated Dumbbell Curls exercise.